Brian Haratsis

Executive Chairman, Macroplan

Brian Haratsis is an influential figure in the Australian property industry with over 30 years of experience. As the Executive Chairman of Macroplan, he is known for his expertise in crafting effective business and property strategies, forecasting niche trends, and delivering successful outcomes for major projects and policies. Brian’s deep understanding of how globalisation and technology are reshaping the property market is evident in his work. He has published notable books like ‘Australia 2050’, ‘Destructive Cities’, and ‘Autropolis‘, showcasing Macroplan’s industry-leading thought leadership. Brian’s involvement in key projects such as the RACV Club, the QV Building, Varsity Lakes transit-oriented development, and Eureka Towers underscores his impact on property development in Australia. In addition to his role at Macroplan, Brian actively serves on advisory committees and initiatives shaping the future of urban development in the country. His dedication to providing research-driven solutions and advisory services to clients facing complex property challenges cements his position as a forward-thinking leader in the industry.